London based Artist Vicky Hawkins, has been creating truly innovative and groundbreaking artwork for the last 40 years. An intoxicating mix of the elegant and the raw, the sinister and the graceful, the often macabre yet witty, Hawkins has always used her art to unify beauty and death in one sharp motion, with colour always a ruling factor. This unique and powerful commingling of styles has earned Hawkins a cult Global following, as she continually offers the wanting masses new conduits to artistic adventure, via her imaginative mind.

A recent Studio move to The Propeller Foundry in London, has heralded a renaissance in Hawkins' practice, including a return to working with objects found on the Thames Shoreline and ephemera picked-up from London streets.

This Month : Revelation: Artists of the Third Age’ Open Lab  December 8th-12th 2014 performance-based piece inspired by Hawkins' recent "Songs" work due to appear at the Barbican this Winter and a group exhibition "Small is Beautiful" scheduled for the Flowers Gallery, New York in December 2014. 

Maria Murtagh, London 2014


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