Most recently,  a growing fascination with the strange, baleful, eerie power that dolls hold over us has led Hawkins to create "Alpha Girls" - a body of work that has inspired Hawkins art to evolve into the medium of short film.  The dolls, 26 in total - each representing a letter of the alphabet where created by Hawkins through a series of textile, soft sculptures laid dormant for years, before a move into film brought them to life.

From  "The Alpha Girls", was born the sinister and playful, grotesquely comic "Mutant Babies", crafted in the same way, these  happily wounded, Shamanic creatures often lacking serious body parts, soon became the next artistic conduit to Hawkins melancholic charm. A collection that has now enjoyed global recognition spearheaded by support from internationally revered artist Richard Wilson, who chose the "Mutant Babies" film to appear  alongside a series of film pieces at the RA's Summer Show - a first for the genre to be included in this way.

So was born vtstudios a collaboration between

Vicky Hawkins Artist ,video editor Tony Chircop , musician song writers ,Lene Lovitch and Les Chappell

All of Vicky’s films can be viewed on “vtstudios” channel, on YouTube-logo-full_color  th_ethel



Link to Alpha Girls Gallery

mutant babies

Link to Mutant Babies Gallery